Winds in the east, mist coming in

A lot can change in a month.

It’s a cool evening but the clouds are low and the forecast promises a “megastorm” the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years. Anticipation has been rising throughout the week, big storms mean big ratings and the TV broadcasters have been quick to catch on, delivering a steady drip, drip of information throughout the week. Anything to shake us from our slumber. There is the feeling that if this doesn’t turn out to be dramatic, people will be disappointed.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m officially in my late twenties. I spent it with some gorgeous friends. Breakfast at Lot One Kitchen in Hillary’s with my gorgeous friend Aimee, Shopping and San Churros with mum, Dinner at Theo & Co in Leederville with Steph, Allyce and Nicole, three Dymocks originals and such wonderful and hilarious company.

The past month has brought big changes in my professional life. I left Dymocks as I have stepped up into a full time role as a Curatorial Assistant with the museum and gallery where I was working as a relief officer. I am honestly pinching myself every day that this has happened for me. I am learning such a lot, I have this inexhaustible, surely unsustainable thirst for knowledge to do with my new job. I can’t switch off. The word finally seems to have taken up residence in my ribcage, glowing warm inside my chest. Finally I am working with collections, I am learning about conservation and assisting with exhibitions and displays.

I’m hoping that this might have a knock on effect with some of the other aspects of my life and in some ways it already has. I feel a lot calmer and more centred than I have done in a long time and I feel excited about what the future will bring. All I can do is try and be worthy of it!

Things I’ve been reading/watching/listening to this month

Things I have been avoiding

  • Nuclear War
  • Homophobes





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