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This year for me has felt like holding my breath as I sink to the bottom of a turbulent sea, then feeling the sand solid under my feet, bending my knees and pushing myself up from the bottom. I’m still reaching the surface but I’m doing a lot better. Last year was a year of major external changes – changing home, work, friends, family. This year has been a year of internal ones. Thinking differently, changing my habits. Trying to challenge myself and grow.

I’m still enjoying my work at the Cultural Centre. With new exhibitions coming through every four weeks or so, it’s varied and fulfilling. I’ve had opportunities to work in admin, training for libraries, shifts coming up at the museum and opportunities for more specialised training i.e: museum lighting. We recently had the Community Art Awards which was curated by one of my former university lecturers so it was great to reconnect with her on a professional level and be given a chance to have some input in how certain artworks were displayed and how the exhibition was put together. I’m learning new skills all the time.

I recently went to Melbourne for a girls trip with my mum. We called into the National Gallery of Victoria while we were there to see the Van Gogh exhibition which was excellent but very busy naturally. The exhibition was split into five sections. Upon entry there was a massive theatre screen giving a brief history of Van Gogh and how his art was influenced by nature and the seasons. The rest of the exhibition was split up into each season; autumn, winter, spring and summer. It was amazing walking through the bleak greys of winter into the riotous colours of spring and the way he captured that, but for me it was the stories behind the paintings that had me engrossed, many of them painting while Van Gogh was a self-admitted patient of the Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Remy.

After the exhibition, we talk a walk around the cavernous rooms upstairs and looked at works by Murillo, Waterhouse, Byrne-Jones and many more. It made me a little homesick for my time at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool as I haven’t had contact with those kinds of art works since then. Walking those halls felt a little like coming home. I wish that something similar was available on a permanent basis in Perth but is unlikely that Perth could compete with the NGV’s impressive collection (or their budget I surmise).

While we were there, we saw Aladdin the musical and I went and saw the Book of Mormon while Mum went to see Brazil vs Argentina at the MCG. Both shows were incredibly funny in different ways, like the Disney film on which it is based, Genie makes the show, sassy and sharp. It’s worth it for him alone but the musical numbers were infectious and the cast extremely likeable, especially Aladdin’s motley crew of friends. The Book of Mormon was full of biting satire and incredibly catchy and on point songs that had the audience in stitches. I really hope both shows come to Perth because I would definitely see them again.

We blinked and the plane wheels were touching down in Perth again. My next trip away is the UK in November and I can’t wait to get there. I have so many plans.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to make some positive changes, I go to the gym, I’m eating better than I have done in a while, I’m saving money, I’m trying to make more time for friends. My sister Ash has gone away for a few months on a grand European adventure. I’ll be housesitting for her while she’s away and it will be the first time I’ve lived on my own. That’s an adventure for me in itself and I hope it is one that will do me good, at the very least for my writing/creativity.

What’s new in your lives? I’d love to hear.

In the meantime, I’ve time to get ready for work and I’ve got plenty to do.

Until next time,

A x

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  1. So much new! Sounds good but hectic at your end, Alana. I just got back from the UK, and it was swell just to be somewhere else for a little bit. Hope you’re good and happy–we should have a catch up soon! x

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