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Like so many people out there I am struggling to pull my gaze away from the constant barrage of news coming out of this time of social and political upheaval. The news cycle is all consuming right now as is my constant need to be connected to it and to bear witness. But all sentries need breaks and time to regroup. In the past couple of days I found myself getting to the point of not being able to take in any new information, at one point reading the same articles twice over on autopilot. I had to take a step back. I still feel energised and outraged and a little like I want to break things but I’m pausing for breath. I don’t want this mad world to steal away my joy, my hope, my spirit. I need those things to be able to fight. There is so much work to be done and I don’t want to burn out. Today I have been thinking about ways I can take action without ranting all over my newsfeed and I’ve come up with a few things that need some further mulling. I’ll update you on that in future!

Part of the reason for the turmoil I’ve been feeling on a personal level is the breakdown of two key relationships in my life. One had been really dysfunctional for a while and I had to make the choice, finally, to look after myself and cut myself off from this person. The other has been a sudden change and more of a shock. I feel a bit fractured by them both and like I’m all jagged edges at the moment. I’m just so lucky that I have so many other amazing people in my life who can listen to me psychoanalyse and obsess and withhold judgement unless I need it.

One of the really positive changes in my life has been my new job with the cultural centre. I have been a part of de-installing and installing a couple of exhibitions and have been learning so much about the process and really getting the chance to apply what I have learned in university as well as having some creative input. It’s been incredibly fulfilling and I am so excited to learn all I can and for all of the opportunities that this job will bring.

One of my favourite artist/illustrators Fran Meneses always finishes her posts with a bunch of links of things to check out and I really liked that idea not just because I like sharing things but also because it makes me more conscious of what I’m consuming online which is always a good thing.

Without further ado, you can find a bunch of links below. There will be more posts coming soon including a long overdue wedding post for my lovely friends Steph and Cameron.

Until next time,

A. x

Things to inspire

  • This video from the Women’s March. Anthem!
  • This version of David Bowie’s Heroes by Peter Gabriel
  • Not so inspiring but super fun: This official personality test  that makes me want to know the personality type of everyone I know. I’m an Advocate. What are you?
  • This cello medley which makes me so excited about the next season of Stranger Things.
  • Bon Iver singing an acapella version of Heavenly Father at the Sydney Opera House.

Books read/to read

Music on repeat


  • Jeremy Scahill’s ‘Intercepted‘ – critical, non-partisan, electric, energising. Brilliant political podcast. Must listen.
  • Call Your Girlfriend  : A podcast for long-distance besties everywhere
  • Banging Book Club – a book club that solely reads books on sex and gender and have a hell of a good time doing so.


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