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Tomorrow I fly home. To my other home, the one with red dirt and white sandy beaches, eroding limestone and turquoise sea. To my family, though two of our normal number are off on their own adventures into the world and the shape of things has changed since I left. I go home to the bookstore, at lease for now, while I decide on my next move. There is a lot to organise and plan for upon my return but I feel like I can handle it. I’ve moved to the other side of the world and back and navigated whole new systems, built friendships and worked for one of the UK’s premier museum organisations. I’ve had to learn to adapt in so many ways and I’ve made a bunch of mistakes along the way. Some that have been bigger than others. I’ve hurt people unintentionally and I’ve been hurt but I’ve learned that I can be resilient, that I am a survivor.

There has been a lot that has happened in the world since I last wrote and in truth I still don’t know where to start when I think about the EU Referendum and the so-called “Brexit”. I felt very strongly about the result and for weeks afterwards I was stuck in a mad cycle of anger, hopelessness and a kind of grief. I’m in control of my emotions now and while I still feel those things, I’m not letting them control my actions. I feel strongly now that for those who voted to remain on June 23, a greater fight is about to play out to limit the rise of nationalism and xenophobia and to prevent the scapegoating and alienation of the poor and vulnerable in our communities. The same can be said of those who voted in the Australian general election on July 2 in favour of parties who don’t have xenophobia at the core of many of their major policies. I wrote a few months ago about fear and what I wrote then still stands up now. It is our responsibility to fight back against and to recognise that fear response in ourselves and others.  On the eve of a long haul international flight, today I’m feeling the struggle more than others.

The past month has been eventful in other ways, I’ve had my sisters here for a week which was really lovely. I haven’t spent such a concentrated time with them in such a long time as when we were living in the same country, life would get in the way so I really cherished their company and the opportunity to show them around what has been my home for the past eight months. I also took a trip down to London with my cousin Becca to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which was phenomenal and a wonderful addition to the much loved series. I’m so pleased with certain aspects of it and perhaps once the script is released and the #keepthesecrets period is over, I’ll write a post about it all. We also saw Matilda the Musical which was also brilliant. Full of wit, heart and some wickedly funny songs. I highly recommend you check it out if you get the opportunity, it’s worth it for the supremely clever ‘School Song’ which when teamed with the visuals, is a stunning feat of ingenuity.

The clock has just ticked over onto July 21 so it’s time to go to sleep. When next I write, I’ll be back in Aus. What a strange thought.


A. x


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