Spring Fever

It seems strange looking at all of these photos from a week and a half ago when it seemed like spring had begun and we were well on our way to summer. My Aunty Viv and I took a day trip out to Sudley House, one of the NML properties in Mossley Hill and then down to Otterspool and the Festival Gardens there. With the temperatures higher than they had been in months and barely a cloud in the sky, we ambled around the pretty gardens in both places. Being a weekday, both places were quiet with only a few cyclists and other wanderers like ourselves to disturb the peace and we took the opportunity to look out over the still water, sunbathe on one of the festival garden’s enormous benches conveniently sheltered from the wind and take pretty photos.


Sudley House, Mossley Hill, Liverpool


Festival Gardens, Liverpool


It was genuinely one of the loveliest and most carefree days I’ve had in a while. I’m finally starting to reach a point where I’ve got some clarity and perspective. A lot of the worry and uncertainty that has been hanging over me is starting to dissipate and I can finally feel the wheels starting to turn in forward motion. It’s been a steep learning curve but a necessary one.

I haven’t been doing much this week. I’ve taken time out and had long slow days. I went into Ormskirk yesterday, an old market town with all the fittings including a rustic old town clock. I’ve never spent much time in Ormskirk even though I was born there. I’ve no family left in that area and there never seems much of an excuse to visit with Southport and Liverpool being so nearby but at the moment I seem to craving solitude and quiet so the more relaxed pace suited me. I managed to secure a big comfy couch by the window on the second level of Costa and that suited me quite well for a good part of the afternoon, just reading and writing and drinking coffee. Bliss.

The next few months are promising to be very hectic with my calendar filling up fast so I’m relishing the calm before the storm. I’ve got a day trips to Chester, Blackpool and Birmingham planned, a week in London in June, a few visitors from Aus and a weekend in Cheshire. I’ve also got a bit of research I want to do in different towns nearby. Lots of little things but enough to fill my days.

In other slightly random news, I’ve recently developed an obsession with the musical Hamilton, which seems to have blown up all over the internet lately but I’m yet to meet another human being who has heard of it. It’s insanely brilliant soundtrack has been on repeat on my Spotify for at least a month now and due to the fact that actually seeing the musical (currently only playing on Broadway) is impossible for the foreseeable future I’ve had to settle for behind the scenes sneak peeks, performances for the President and their excellent performance of their opening number, Alexander Hamilton at this year’s Grammy awards. Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it, do yourself a favour and check it out.

Until next time,



One thought on “Spring Fever

  1. I also have a burgeoning Hamilton obsession! Good to know it is (supposedly) coming to Aus., although I guess we’ll have to wait a while. And you will you get it in the UK first, lucky bugger!

    Also, while I’m here, I love reading your blogs, Alana – you write so well 🙂

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