I know I’ve been quiet around here lately and a lot of that is the fact that I am in a routine with work and life in general. Spring is on its way and the temperatures are slowly starting to rise. A week ago I went for a walk through the Formby pinewoods with my Aunty Helen and cousin Lucia. We stopped at a vast and murky pond and fed the ducks stale bread before continuing on. The sun was high in the sky and little grey rabbits scurried away into the undergrowth as we came near. We crossed a field full of holes dug up by rabbits or some other animal of fairytale and farthing wood. Helen and Lucia shared memories of their dog Hector who died last year, the anniversary of his passing has just gone and the wound has begun to heal but walks through the woods bring memories of him to the surface and we found ourselves sitting in what they’ve dubbed ‘Hector’s Seat’. It’s a little bench overlooking a copse of trees with enough of a dip underneath the seat for us to swing our legs like schoolchildren. We chatted as the dusk stole away the little warmth of the day and eventually made our way back to the car reminiscing about teachers, past adventures and all manners of things.

I’m still really enjoying my job, perhaps even more so now that I have gotten to know my co-workers who are all genuine, funny and warm people and I haven’t quite got jaded to the gallery’s collection yet either. I’ve been planning day trips to different cities over the next few months and enjoying days out to Southport or into Liverpool. One trip I am particularly looking forward to is a day trip down to London in April. I want to do a few day trips down there as every time I’ve visited London before has been such a rush. If I can do a few trips with a specific focus, for example, this visit I’m doing Art Galleries, then maybe I’ll come away with some actual appreciation for what I’ve seen.

Homesickness is still something I struggle with on a daily basis. Some days it steals my breath away and makes my stomach churn. I miss so much about home… my family, my friends, my car, my pets… even my favourite breakfast place! I have never minded spending time by myself but I miss the people I would usually share things with. When I made the choice to come here, I think I was guilty of romanticising the UK and I have to now try hard not to do the same with Perth. Though to be perfectly honest, it is not Perth itself that I miss, home is not a place after all. I’m relatively certain of the choice I will make later in the year. I think I’ve known from the moment I got off the plane and perhaps even a few days before though I told a convincing story to myself and to anybody else who would listen. My main concern is that the people that I care about here know that whatever decision I make is no reflection on them. I know I am extraordinarily lucky to have so many people in the world who care about me and also to have been able to have this opportunity but in the end I have to trust my instincts and my heart.

There are many months between then and now and there is still so much I want to achieve here and so much I want to experience. There are people I still need to see and things I have to learn and research and I’ll be trying to write more. There is also a lot of planning to do and I’ll let you in on some of that soon.

Until next time,










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