I said goodbye to 2015 in a local pub surrounded by wonderful people who not that long ago were just names on a Christmas card. It was probably one of the best New Years I’ve ever had, full of music, laughter and chatter. I came home still buzzing and rang my Mum at nearly 2am to say Happy New Year half muffled by my pillow and listened to her tell me about their day. I woke up late this morning and had a lazy day filling in forms for work, listening to Passenger, Ben Howard, Kodaline and this Spotify playlist and working out my resolutions for 2016. This is what I came up with. More a list of intentions than resolutions but nevertheless:


Resolutions for 2016

Fully embrace my time in the UK
Get fit and healthy again
Work in Museums and gain loads of experience
Say yes to opportunities
Open my heart up to love
Keep in touch with friends
Be brave
Read more
Watch and read things that challenge me
Cut down on spending
Get a car and learn to drive in the UK
Make new friends
Remember people’s birthdays
Be kind
Get a better understanding of UK politics
Work on my writing

This morning I pulled a little note out of one of Emily Coxhead‘s ‘Happy Jars’ and this is what it said.


I’m working on it.

Alana x

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