Festive Fun

To quote one of the best loved festive films, Christmas is all around. The past couple of days have been full of Christmas activities. The tree is up, the lights are blinking in the windows, there is Christmas pudding in the cupboard and I am running out of places to squirrel gifts away where no one can find them. Tis the season.

On Sunday, I went with my cousin Becca and her Mum, Annie, to a Vintage Fair at Cedar Farm in Mawdesley. Cedar Farm is this eclectic little spot in the countryside with art galleries, studios, gift shops, farm animals and a big old barn where the Vintage fair was held. There was tons of stalls with a huge range of goods on display such as vintage hairbrushes, toys, books, clothes and biscuit tins. There was a fantastic choir regaling us with songs of the season and a delicious range of decadent cakes on offer. My favourite stall was run by the incredibly talented Emily Coxhead who sells plates, cups, badges and prints of quotes with gorgeous typography and cute illustrations. She is also the creator of The Happy Newspaper which is dedicated to all the wonderful and quirky news that gets overlooked. It is a little slice of happiness and I devoured it. You can get copies online if you fancy!


After we were well and truly shopped out at Cedar Farm, we made our way home for some tea and then out again to Sefton Parish Church for their Christmas Carols. With parts of the church dating back to the 14th century, it is the only Grade 1 listed building in Sefton. It also happens to be beautiful despite being quite imposing. The inside is ornate and definitely deserves further exploration when there aren’t carols and hymns to be sung.


The following day Becca, Annie and I made our way into Manchester for their Christmas markets which were a whole different experience altogether! There were over 350 stalls across 10 different sites in the city centre with the main part in Albert Square in front of the Manchester Town Hall. The stalls all look like little chalets and while a lot of them were definitely priced for tourists, there were still many cute and unique gifts to choose from. There’s also a really lovely festive air as you walk around, people rugged up in scarves and hats, sipping mulled wine and meandering around the stalls. We were already pretty weighed down by shopping bags after wandering into the Arndale centre and a few other stores on the way but we still gave it our best effort and ended up with plenty of extra bits.

After dropping all the bags at the car we headed over to the Palace Theatre where Becca had booked us tickets to see The Bodyguard, a musical based on the popular movie starring Whitney Houston. It was a really fun night out and people definitely got into the music, especially the closing number “I wanna dance with somebody” which had people in the lower tiers up on their feet. It was definitely a fun way to close out the weekend.

Until next time,

Alana x



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