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The Sound of Settling

Things have been a little bit quieter this week. I feel a little less like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and more like things are starting to slow down. I’ve taken a breath and am beginning to take stock of what is around me and get my bearings. The village where I now live is a quaint and lovely place that is still close enough to the City to feel like there is still a lot going on. It’s looking very Christmassy with decorations in the shop windows, lights down the main street and an understated Christmas tree about halfway along the road. The bakeries are full of mince pies, Christmas themed cakes with white frosting and biscuits in the shape of Christmas trees. They do Christmas pretty well here.


In Australia, Christmas is marked by the bright orange Australian Christmas trees lining the sides of the roads, bare legs sticking to leather car seats with sweat and a summer’s worth of sand ingrained into the carpet. It’s walking round the suburbs at dusk with the sea breeze soothing your sunburnt shoulders when most of the flies have turned in for the night and the smell of barbecued onions and sausages wafts tantalisingly from half the houses on the block. With every corner or culdesac you find a new favourite Christmas lights display.

It feels a world away.

Australian Christmas’s might not feel particularly festive to some, the Christmas songs don’t apply and a lot of people don’t even have a Christmas Roast but having grown up there, to me it feels just the same. I am looking forward to checking out some of the Christmas Markets here, particularly the ones in Manchester which I’ve been to before and really enjoyed. I’ve got a busy few days (including a job interview tomorrow… wish me luck!) but I’ll get round to visiting them soon.

For now, here is my Christmas Playlist for 2015 for those that use Spotify. It’s pretty long but it has all the good ones on it, I promise. x




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