That word is thrown around a lot at the moment and I know, I know. It’s been done so many times but I honestly think that a bucket list or at least a list of goals, especially if posted publicly is such a good way of keeping you accountable and focused. These are my endgame goals. The big ones. If I can at least get to grips with what those are, then I can work on the little achievable goals in pursuit of the big ones. I’m having flashbacks to one of my final core units at University – ‘Preparing for Professional Life’ it was called and it was about as interesting as it sounds but it clearly did have an impact if I’m remembering this stuff. Without further ado:

  1. Live a healthy life.
    • I’m planning on a lengthy post soon about this but a healthy life is really paramount to any kind of life list. Without your health, what have you got? But as I said. More on that to come soon.
  2. Learn to play the piano
    • I have wanted to learn to play the piano for as long as I’ve known what a piano was. My fingers can’t help but twitch whenever I come within a couple of metres of one. I never had the opportunity when I was younger. I’m one of six and we simply didn’t have the money when I was growing up and it was never something that was on offer through school. As an adult, it seems there is always a ton of ready made excuses. Cost and time being the two main ones. It always seems to be something I put off or lose my nerve about. I could be absolutely terrible at it even after the ton of lessons it would take to get me started… but at least I would have tried!
  3. Speak another language fluently
    • I was always great at languages in school. I won awards for it and came top of the class in language subjects pretty often, it was something that came easy to me… however it was never something I stuck with to my everlasting regret! My goal is to learn a language fluently. I’ve learned a lot of Italian in the past so that would be the most obvious choice but I am quite drawn towards French which is a language I have no experience with.
  4. Write a novelLife unfolds
    • This one I am actually working on. It’s hard. I never knew how hard it would be. It’s not even the actual writing part. It’s the showing up. It’s turning up every day or a few times a week to sit down and make yourself do it. While I’m actually writing it feels amazing, it lights a fire in me but actually reducing the distractions, eliminating the non-essential drains on my time and energy enough to focus is something I find really difficult and I have truckloads of respect for those that can do that. I think that writing this blog is a step in the right direction because it is getting me in to the habit of writing and into the habit of making time to do it. So next step. FINISH the goddamn thing.
  5. Visit the United States
    • This is a pretty self explanatory one. It’s been on my list for a while and I am dying to go there. I always seem to make a beeline for the UK or Europe when travelling due to family or study commitments but the US has been beckoning for a while and I’m going to have to find an excuse to go there pretty soon!
  6. Succeed in my career
    • This is a pretty ambiguous goal for me because at the moment I’m finding it very hard to see the shape of the future. So much is changing for me this year with my move to the UK and the need to find work. I’m not even sure what my career will look like yet so it’s hard to imagine succeeding in it. I think it is still important to put in here however because it is something that is important to me and is paramount to me being able to do everything I want to do. I want to live a big and full life and I want opportunities to travel and the chance to visit home when I need to. So even though this goal isn’t very well defined yet, I’m chucking it in anyway.
  7. Find love.
    • Thought I’d put this in here because why the hell not. I’ve still not met anyone I’m serious about or who is serious about me but to not put this in here seems like I’d be sending some message out to the universe that doesn’t need to be out there. (Serious cat lady vibes)

That is about all I can think of right now. I’ll update this now and again as I see fit. Life is nothing if not changeable.

Until next time


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