Escape Hunt!

Last night, three of my friends and I made the trek to Fremantle to take part in an Escape game which seems to be the latest craze. If you haven’t heard what it is all about, the general premise is that you are locked into a room with an hour on the clock and you have to find a way out by solving increasingly complex puzzles. There is usually some kind of narrative too. Ours was “Robbery on the Ship” so our puzzles led us not only to our escape but the identity of a jewel thief. I’ll say no more about the actual game for fear of spoiling it but I will say that it was such a buzz discovering clues, making sense of the objects and working together. We got out in 50 minutes which we were pretty happy about! If you get the chance to have a go at one of these, definitely do it.

Escape Hunt┬áruns three different adventures ranging from the easy, “Murder in the Tavern”, medium level “Escape from the Prison” and hard, “Robbery on the Ship”. The puzzles were challenging and we definitely needed to use our walkie-talkie more than once to get some much needed hints from our host/game master. I’m really intrigued to try some different games now! Give it a go. You won’t regret it!


Major Crime Squad over here.

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