Little life update

It’s been a busy old week. This past week I’ve been sorting out my budget using an app called Spendbook. It’s pretty intuitive and fancy looking so I was sold and spent a couple of hours adding all my finances into it and nearly had a heart attack at the results. Turns out I’ve been spending a lot more than I thought on stuff that I really don’t need. The first thing to go has to be my morning mocha. Agony! It seems to have given me the reality check I needed which is good. Since then I’ve been much more frugal in my spending habits only wavering when I discovered my favourite primer was on special. It’s saving me money in the long run though right? Right guys…?

On Friday I went out for dinner with the work crowd for one of the girls’ birthdays. It was a great night at the Inglewood Hotel apart from the fact there happened to be an interstate AFL on which meant that the pub was packed out with Hawks/Crows fans. The food was nice despite the menu not being brilliant. We did get a little happy snap though.

Work Dinner Pic

Today I met up with Aimee, one of my best friends, for lunch at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. We got all caught up on each others lives and navigated seagulls and tourists as we did a loop of the shops at the harbour, had a bite to eat and headed home. It’s so good to spend time with people who I am so comfortable with and close to, I’m really going to miss that when I leave.

On the topic of leaving, one thing that is hard at the moment is that some of my siblings don’t seem to grasp that I leave pretty soon and we are struggling to make time to see each other when there is so much other day to day stuff going on. I don’t want to have any regrets but I also don’t want to put pressure on anyone. I guess all I can do is try to be available if they do want to spend some time and hope that they will meet me halfway.

Cummings quote

Credit: Mae Chevrette

I’m really enjoying keeping this blog and I’ve got a few plans for it over the next few months. Just the act of writing has helped in unlocking my creative side and the more I do it, the more I want to. Anyway, I’ve got a new music post coming soon so keep an eye out for that!

Until next time


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